Sunflower (lat. Helianthus) —  family Asteraceae.

Confectionery grade sunflower seeds are different from olive grade with better taste, also these seeds has larger kernel.

These seeds contain vitamins А, Е, D, В group vitamins, magnesium and zinc, eicosanoic acids.

Usually sunflower seeds are used in confectionery and bakery industries for producing peanut brittles, muesli, baking bread Moreover it is used as an additive to meat, fish and vegetable dishes etc. Also it is sold as a barracouta .

Our company offers high quality sunflower seeds confectionery grade, with high gustatory indexes , produced in Ukraine. Different kinds of seeds like Lakomka, Almaz, large-fruited Donskoj, Vranats, Zaporozhskiy Conditerskiy) are in the assortment. Calibers are from 3.6 till 4.0. Packing – 25-40 kg pp Nett bags.