Blue poppy oil food seeds are seeds of plant Papaver somniferum Linnaeus L of the Poppy family. There are 46-56% of oil in it’s seeds and about 20% of protein.

Food grade poppy seeds are divided into three types: blue poppy (from blue to grey with blue hint color), white (of white and yellow color), brown poppy. There are should be min. 85% of definite type of seeds, otherwise it will be a mixture of poppy types.

Poppy is very useful , for example one handful of poppy seeds could fill one organism with cellulose, kalium, calcium, ferrum and magnesium. As well as it contains A, C,D,E vitamins.

Blue poppy seeds are commonly use in bakery, confectionery. It has sweet odor and adds a light nut taste and aroma to the dish.

We can offer high quality food grade blue poppy seeds. Ukrainian origin. Packing: 40 kg PP bags.