Mustard (lat. Sinápis) – spicy-aromatic annual plant in the genera Brassica (Brassicaceae).

The most known kinds of mustard are: white mustard, or English mustard (lat. Sinápis álba); brown mustard, or Russian mustard (lat. Brássica júncea); black mustard, or French mustard (lat. Brássica nígra).

Mustard contains a lot of vitamins like: А, В6, D, Е, К, Р, that improve immunity of human being. Also it contains magnesium, sulphur, ferrum, natrium, potassium and calcium. Mustard possess an antiseptic properties.

All kinds of mustard are used in food industry for concoction of different kinds of mixtures, spices, that are emploied in food industry and home cooking. In medicine mustard is used in medicinal bath, for making mustard leafs, various galenical preparations.

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