Pea (lat. Písum) —herbaceous plant class Fabaceae. Up to date there are two kinds of cultural pea: garden pea and field pea. The garden pea kinds are divided into three groups: sweet , split and marrowfat.

Split pea is smooth. It is grown for green and yellow color seeds. Dried pea could be stored about 10 years without detriment to its healthful and eating qualities.

Pea is the most lode of protein among the vegetables. Also it containes ascorbic acid (about 59мgr%), sugar (min. 7%), starch (1-3%), vitamins РР, В group, carotin, cellulose. Besides, pea is rich for potassium, calcium, phosphorus and ferrum salts.

Green pea is used in cookery (in fresh, canned and frozen condition) as well as yellow dried pea. Soups, puree, salads, garnishs to various meat dishes are made of it, аlso it is used for dish decoration.

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